Itinerary Description


Route suitable for everyone including children. No training is required other than the typical walk. Moderate lengths and low slopes.

Route suitable for everyone provided they are a bit trained. Excursion that can be tackled without any particular problems related to the type of track but can have differences in height and length that require sufficient physical preparation. Ultimately, anyone with a minimum of walking training will have no difficulty on any of these routes.

Challenging routes suitable for experienced hikers. Important distances and differences in height, exposed stretches, possible stretches equipped with ropes even if not very demanding.


The length of a route is calculated using paper maps and GPS instrumentation. The indicated measure is always in kilometers (Km).


The time required is calculated from departure to arrival and refers to the possibilities of an average hiker, net of stops for resting, taking photos, or simply contemplating the landscape. 

Elevation Gain 

The elevation gain represents the total sum of the ascents along the route and is calculated using paper maps and GPS instrumentation. The measurement is always indicated in meters (m).

Difference in altitude 

Difference in altitude is the difference in height between the lowest point above sea level of the route and the highest point. It is calculated using paper maps and GPS instrumentation. The measurement is always indicated in meters (m).

Routes symbology

Loop route. It starts from a point A and returns there without ever retracing your footsteps. It's good to keep this in mind because on the way back you won't encounter the same things you saw on the first leg and especially to take pictures: "every left is lost"!

One way route starts at point A and ends at point B. From here you follow the route backwards, retracing your steps. You will see the same things twice but often from different angles and with different lights.


For very long routes you will usually need a ride by car or bus to get back on the road to starting point A.

Routes also suitable for families and children. Easy paths without objective dangers such as cliffs or particular roughness of the terrain and limited length. An excellent alternative to the beach for a different day exploring nature with your children and maybe to be completed with a nice picnic in the open air!

It indicates that on the route there are vantage points of considerable interest that deserve to be immortalized.

The most evocative moments to enjoy the splendour of these views are sunset and sunrise, but every hour of the day reserves special emotions for visitors

It indicates the presence on the route of archaeological sites of considerable historical importance or caves inhabited in prehistoric times by our ancestors. The Finalese area actually  has the largest number of archaeological finds in Liguria. There are more than one hundred caves and caverns in the territory with evidence of life from the Palaeolithic to Neolithic until the Bronze Age: megaliths, rock carvings, necropolis etc...

It indicates the presence of Churches, Castles or buildings of historical interest with their artistic heritage located in villages or rural areas, where it is worth a visit. Some historical notions reported by the guide will teach you a little more about places of worship and interest in the area. Their location in an original natural landscape is the added value which characterizes our territory.