The Church of S.Margherita and S.Giulia

Along an ancient route that connected the Maritime Republic of Noli with the Marquisate of Finale of the Del Carretto family, on an open space overlooking the sea, stand the ruins of an ecclesiastical complex whose origin and original structure are still substantially unknown today.

It could, in fact, be two churches leaning against each other, of which the eastern one, smaller in size, seems to be the oldest, perhaps from the eleventh century and dedicated to St. Julia, while the western one, larger in size, is attributed to the thirteenth or fourteenth century and is dedicated to St. Margaret.


There are those who instead interpret the current remains as the ruins of a single church with several naves built on a pagan place of worship.

The style of the complex, built with bricks and stones is certainly Romanesque; in both apses you can see the remains of the ceramic basins similar to those of the main apse of the very important Church of San Paragorio in Noli. Mentioned in a document of 1191, the building housed a hermitage of the Jerosolimitans Knights. The two churches suffered serious damage during the Second World War, reducing them to their present state. It seems that during the first half of the 20th century, the place was still a place of pilgrimage on the day of the saints and on Angel Monday.