Varigotti - Noli - The Pilgrim's Path

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Average
Length 10,5 Km
Duration 4 h
Elevation Gain 268,6 m
Altitude Difference 263,9 m


Short description of Itinerary

Without any doubt one of the most beautiful routes in the Finale. Recommended walk in spring when the Mediterranean scrub offers scents and bright colors but it is an itinerary suitable for all seasons. It starts from Varigotti and reaches Capo Noli crossing a path always overlooking the sea that offers breathtaking views. Not to be missed is a visit to the Grotta dei Falsari or "Antro dei Briganti" (Brigands' Cave), a natural cave overlooking the sea, where it seems to have once been the headquarters of the smugglers who kept their goods there. The Torre delle Streghe (Witches' Tower), the Church of Santa Margherita and S.Giulia and the Hermitage of Captain Albertis are also worth a visit. The length of the route can be halved if, once in Noli, instead of retracing the path backwards, you take a bus back to Varigotti.




La Grotta dei Falsari - The Forgers Cave (Brigands' Cave) 

Situated just upstream of the Via Aurelia between Varigotti and Noli, La Grotta dei Falsari or Antro dei Briganti is a large rocky cavern, carved by the sea into the limestone rock of......


Points of historical interest

The Church of S, Margherita and S, Giulia
Along an ancient route that connected the Maritime Republic of Noli with the Marquisate of Finale of the Del Carretto family, on an open space overlooking the sea, stand the ruins of .....


Captain D'Albertis Hermitage

Captain Enrico Alberto D'Albertis (1846-1932), was certainly an original and fascinating character animated by a taste for challenges and exploration. Born in Voltri (Genoa) from a wealthy family of......

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa square

Moving to Varigotti to reach the starting point of the path and the return will be carried out by private vehicles, trying to optimize the number of cars.

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