Ring of Camporotondo

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Average
Length 9,5 Km
Duration 4 ore
Elevation Gain  426,8 m
Altitude Difference   229,7 m


Short description of Itinerary

Certainly among the most beautiful itineraries in the Finale area for a hiker who wants to visit places of archaeological interest. It is interesting to visit the Megalithic Enclosure of Camporotondo, whose significance still remains a mystery today, and the “Ciappo dei Ceci” and “Ciappo delle Conche” with rock engravings dating back to the Neolithic period. Both the Ciappi and Camporotondo, precisely because of the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds them, manage to convey a very special charm to hikers who venture onto the plateau. On the route there are several refuges under the rocks (the main ones still clearly visible on the route remain Casa del Vacchè and Ca' Cerisola) which bear witness to the living conditions of our ancestors. Also worth a small visit is the tiny village of Lacremà (Calvisio Vecchia in dialect) with its Church of San Cipriano overlooking the valley of Pia. Recommended excursion between April and May for the blossoming of wild cherry trees




The Megalithic Enclosure of Camporotondo


It is an enigmatic circular enclosure over 150 metres in diameter, bounded by triangular-shaped stone slabs embedded in the ground, whose meaning and the civilization that built it are still an unsolved....


The Ciappo delle Conche and the Ciappo dei Ceci

The Ciappo dei Ceci (whose name derives from the dialectal term "erxi" or holm oaks) is a slab of calcareous rock of about 300 square meters located on top of the Bric Spaventaggi where numerous prehistoric....

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa square

Moving to Calvisio to reach the starting point of the path and the return will be carried out by private vehicles, trying to optimize the number of cars.

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