Ring  Finalborgo - Perti - Carbuta - Feglino

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Challenging
Length 12,5 Km
Duration 4,5 ore
Elevation Gain 585 m
Altitude Difference 381 m


Short description of Itinerary

Very interesting and varied route even if challenging and of important length (12.5 km). It starts from the medieval village of Finalborgo and reaches the top of the Rocca di Perti and then descends again to the village of Montesordo and continues to the provincial road to Carbuta. It crosses different environments from the chestnut wood, to the pinewood, the holm oak and the olive groves until it reaches the large grassy expanse of Pian Marino.It is interesting to observe not only the modest Chapel of San Rocco in Carbuta with its triangular bell tower, and the two typical villages of the hinterland of Finalborgo, Cà de Cia and Montesordo, but also a road that climbs to the right of the chapel, most likely a stretch of the "Via della Regina" (the “Queen's Way) of which, except for the part that climbs from Finalborgo, the route has been lost.


Point of historical interest

The Beretta Route or "Empress way"

The Beretta route or Empress' way, was designed and built in 1666 by engineer Gaspare Beretta, one of the main military engineers who worked for....

The Chapel of San Rocco
The Chapel of San Rocco is a Catholic place of worship located in the hamlet of Orco Feglino, in the province of Savona.The chapel was probably.....

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa Square

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