Ring Finalborgo - Perti - Mad Woman Cave

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Average
Length 5,5 Km
Duration 2,5 h
Elevation Gain 280,2 m
Altitudine Difference  145,6 m


Short description of Itinerary

A pleasant and low difficulty ring-route with the exception of the sloping section that reaches the entrance of the Grotta (Cave) della Matta where you have to pay attention to the exposed section (help yourself with ropes). The passage that leads to the cave crosses a very suggestive "natural arch" formed by a large boulder that slid down the slope and remained leaning against the mountain. The entrance of the cave is very wide but the passage leading to the inner hall is narrow and you can get through it at "leopard's step" for about six meters, so it is recommended only for brave hikers. The Castle of San Giovanni is worth a visit in the first part of the route and before going back down to Finalborgo notice the Church of Nostra Signora di Loreto better known as "Chiesa dei Cinque Campanili" (“Five Bell Towers Church”).



Points of historical interest

Chiesa dei Cinque Campanili (The Five Bell Towers Church)

The chapel of Our Lady of Loreto commonly known as the "Church of the Five Bell Towers" represents one of the very few examples in Liguria of Renaissance construction with......


Mad Woman Cave

The cave of Sanguineto owes its second name "della Matta" to a poor demented woman who had found refuge there during the nineteenth century. It opens in the limestone ridge.....

Meeting Point

Finalborgo -  Porta Testa Square


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