Grotta (Cave) du Prinsipa at Pian Marino

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Easy
Length 8,5 Km
Duration 3 h
Elevation Gain  362 m
 Altitudine  Difference 
260 m


Short description of Itinerary

A pleasant route that starts from the ancient washhouses of Finalborgo and goes up to Perti Alto near the Church of San Benedetto from where a small path leads to Arma du Prinsipà. The cave can be visited by everyone (flashlight required) and is easy to walk through. At the entrance you can admire an ancient basin dug into the rock which presumably served as a container for the cave's inhabitants.   



The Prinsipa Cave (Arma du Martin)

The cave opens at the base of a long rock wall, in which there are other smaller openings. Its natural entrance (about 9 x 7 meters) is closed by a ....


The ancient washouses

A hundred years ago, there was a place to talk, exchange information, argue and spread the news, and it was essentially just women. The soundtrack was ....

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa Square

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