Ring Phoenician Mill - Tower of Bastia

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Easy
Length 3,5 km
Duration 1,5 h
Elevation Gain 146 m
Altitude Difference  154,8 m


Short description of Itinerary

Very easy path suitable for families and children almost completely flat. It crosses the village of Crosa in Verezzi through the holm oak wood and then the typical Mediterranean scrub and reaches in a few minutes the Phoenician Mill of Verezzi, the Megalithic Dolmen and the Tower of Bastia. Near the Cross of Verezzi there are wooden boards and benches where you can have a picnic with a breathtaking view!



The Phoenician Mill

The Phoenician Mill of Verezzi, so defined for the Phoenician and Middle Eastern influences that characterize its construction technique, represents the best..... 

The Tower of Bastia

This is a watchtower that dates back to the time of the Marquisate of Carretto shortly after 1212, the year in which the...

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa square

Moving to Borgio Verezzi to reach the starting point of the path and the return will be carried out by private vehicles, trying to optimize the number of cars.

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