Finalborgo Verezzi Ring

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Average
Length 7,5 Km
Duration 3,5 h
Elevation Gain  437,5 m
Altitude Difference 289,7 m


Short description of Itinerary

Easy trail suitable for families and children even if with a considerable difference in height. Very scenic in the first part, in many points it runs along the former quarries of Ghigliazza and then crosses the Mediterranean scrub of Caprazzoppa with broom, strawberry tree (arbutus) and blackberry bushes, reaching the Church of San Martino in Verezzi in the hamlet of Crosa where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Liguria. The itinerary of your choice continues until you reach the hamlet Piazza, certainly the most evocative of the four and famous for its Piazza S. Agostino, seat of one of the most famous theatre festivals in Italy.



Points of historical interest

The Church of San Martino

On the top of Mount Orera we find the parish church of San Martino Bishop of Tours (patron saint of Verezzi). The church was built around 1625 on the initiative......

The Romera Road of Caprazzoppa

After the opening of the tunnel in 1839, which is located a couple of metres north and a few metres lower than the current tunnel on the Via Aurelia, crossing the Caprazzoppa was very easy, but... 

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa square

Moving to Borgio Verezzi to reach the starting point of the path and the return will be carried out by private vehicles, trying to optimize the number of cars.

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