Verezzi - Culture Trail

Itinerary Data

Difficulty Easy
Length 3,5 km
Duration 2 h
Elevation Gain 181 m
Altitude Difference 166,3 m


Short description of Itinerary

Short and very scenic route. It crosses the four hamlets of Borgio Verezzi (Crosa, Poggio, Roccaro and Piazza) offering changing scenery from the holm-oak woods to the typical shrubs of the Mediterranean maquis until you reach the spectacular panoramic viewpoint on the cliff overlooking the sea, which allows you to look west to the island Gallinara and east to Genoa and beyond. Definitely an itinerary not to be missed if you love breathtaking views. A visit to the Old Quarry where the Pietra di Verezzi stone was extracted and to the Church of San Martino where you can rest in front of a glass of wine while enjoying the view is also a must.



Points of historical interest

The Church of San Martino

On the top of Mount Orera we find the parish church of San Martino Bishop of Tours (patron saint of Verezzi). The church was built around 1625 on the initiative......

The Old Quarry of Verezzi

The Old Quarry

It was one of the few Stone Quarries of the Finale cultivated in a gallery. The cultivation technique called "cannetta" involved the use of........


Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa square

Moving to Borgio Verezzi to reach the starting point of the path and the return will be carried out by private vehicles, trying to optimize the number of cars.

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