Caprazzoppa's Board Ring

Caratteristiche Itinerario

Difficulty Easy
Length 8,5 km
Duration 3 h
Elevation Gain 336 m
Altitude Difference 286 m


Short description of Itinerary

A very panoramic loop itinerary, with a modest difference in height in the initial phase, where the ancient Via Romera leads to the summit of Mount Caprazzoppa (291 m). Once you have conquered the summit, the path becomes flat and very pleasant and reaches the green repeater called "il Tabellone" that overlooks the village of Finalborgo. A visit is a must because the view from up there is truly breathtaking, ranging from Mount Carmo to Melogno to the Rocca di Perti to the miniature village of Finalborgo below and in the distance to the sea and the Beigua Massif. Verezzi and the Church of San Martino offer the second panorama and on the way back another sight not to be missed (especially at sunset) is the view from the highest point of the mountain towards the Gallinara Island. At this point towards the end of February early March we can admire the irises in bloom.



Points of historical interest

The Romera Road of Caprazzoppa

After the opening of the tunnel in 1839, which is located a couple of metres north and a few metres lower than the current tunnel on the Via Aurelia, crossing the Caprazzoppa was very easy, but... 

The Church of San Martino

On the top of Mount Orera we find the parish church of San Martino Bishop of Tours (patron saint of Verezzi). The church was built around 1625 on the initiative......

Meeting Point

Finalborgo - Porta Testa square

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