The Romera road of Caprazzoppa

After the opening of the tunnel in 1839, which is located a couple of metres north and a few metres lower than the current tunnel on the Via Aurelia, crossing the Caprazzoppa was very easy, but in previous years it was far from easy to overpass it.

The old road to Borgio called "Via del Cavo" started from Finalborgo and climbed up the mountain with some steep hairpin bends, passing over the Arene Candide and then crossing the border of the Marquisate at Rio Fine. This road, even if of medieval origin, was given the name “Strada Romera” because in its first stretch it ran along the ancient ramp of the Via dell' Orera (Aurera), that is the Consular Via Aurelia which, running parallel to the coast, was used by the Romans as a military road unlike the more famous Via Julia Augusta.


In the good season it was certainly preferable to reach Pietra Ligure from Finalmarina and vice versa, by small boats, but in case of unfavourable sea conditions, the wayfarers proceeded along the road followed by a cart pulled by oxen with their luggage.

In 1823 a project was presented, then realized a few years later, for the construction of the "Via del Cavo rectified" that from Borgo passes lower than the previous one.


This is today's route made practicable in the second half of the last century to the trucks then heading to the quarry, along which is located the Regina Pacis Church. This stretch is also given the name "Napoleonic Road" because the Via del Cavo became of strategic importance in 1795 for the French troops.