The Megalithic Enclosure of Camporotondo

It is an enigmatic circular enclosure over 150 metres in diameter, bounded by triangular-shaped stone slabs embedded in the ground, whose meaning and the civilization that built it are still an unsolved mystery today. Some scholars think of the site as an enormous fence for sheep or cattle, but there are conflicting opinions as to how it is easier to make a fence with poles than to raise dozens of monoliths of similar characteristics to enclose the animals.

According to some interpretations, the megalithic enclosure of Camporotondo, partly invaded by vegetation, links this area to ancient and mysterious Celtic practices. It is a "cromlech" (in which "crom" means curved and "llech" means flat stone) as it is defined in Welsh terminology, much wider and different from constructions of this type.


Inside the fence, there are the remains of dwellings obtained in the ravines under the rock similar to those present in the nearby village called Casa del Vacchè.