The Fortified Village of Boragni

This small and characteristic group of Mediterranean houses is a clear example of a fortified village built by the farmers of the area to protect themselves from the Saracen raids that often caused looting and violence even in the first hinterland. The buildings are arranged in a circle, leaning against each other, with a few small openings towards the outside equipped with gratings, while inside there are well protected small open spaces used as vegetable gardens and courtyards. Boragni is crossed from side to side by a suggestive passage covered by stone vaults, a safe way of internal communication, suddenly illuminated by the greenery of small gardens.

A curiosity: if you walk inside the village you will notice that the inscriptions on the intercoms or the doors of the houses almost all bear the surname: "Boragno" and if you talk to people in the area they will say: "I am going to the Boragni people".