Punta Crena Beach

At the southern base of the promontory of Punta Crena, hidden by the cliff and the surrounding reefs, there is a beautiful cove carved into the rock which represents one of the most evocative and uncontaminated coastlines of Liguria.

It is a very small bay only forty meters wide and fifty meters deep, that is why the locals call it "Spiaggetta" (little beach).

The extraordinary transparency of the water on days of calm sea, reveals a shallow seabed partly sandy, partly occupied by "beach rock", a smooth rocky platform formed by the underwater springs of calcareous water, coming from the Manie plateau above, which cemented the grains of sand. The exclusivity of this beach is also due to its difficult accessibility. In fact, it can only be reached by boat, or by swimming, or by a sheer path that starts from the promontory, which is rather dangerous (which I advise against precisely because it is risky) where you have to climb down with a rope for about ten meters.

This corner of paradise is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria and is counted among the 10 best beaches in Italy. In the summer season it is frequented almost exclusively by nudists.


The access to the beach has been banned for reasons of public safety in 2019 by an Ordinance of the Mayor