Campanula Isophylla

The Campanula Isophylla (scientific name "Campanula Isophylla Moretti") or Campanula with equal leaves is an endemism of the province of Savona and precisely between Capo Noli Finale Ligure and Verezzi.
It grows on the limestone cliffs or on the old walls (as for example in the houses of the historical villages of Verezzi or on the portal of the Church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti) both in areas exposed to the sun and in shady places like the vaults of the caves. It blooms between July and October even if the very mild climate of the Ligurian Riviera causes early blooming in June and even in May. It has rounded leaves with slightly indented edges, while the corolla is between light blue and violet.
The Campanula Isophylla is the symbol flower of the Finalese: it only grows in this area (and nowhere else in the world!!) and is at risk of extinction due to its extremely narrow areal. It is a species protected by the Liguria region with the L.R 9/84